How does a custom form work?

Answer: We create a custom form that fits your business objective. For example: if you are needing an electronic application to send prospects for employment, we can create a form with questions that you need on the form. You can send us a template of how you want your application (or you can use one of our pre-made custom employee applications) to look and we will create it. Once we have completed we will send it over to you with your own personal link. Now, all you have to do is send your prospects to your link to fill out your custom application form. 

How do I get the form once my customers fill it out?

Answer: Once your customer fills out the form and submits it, it will go directly to the email that you provide us.

Do I have to have a website?

Answer: No. ParadigmForum will create your form and custom link. All you do is send your customers to your link and get the information you need. You do not need a website. Your customers will see the link as…(

Can I put my business logo on my custom form?

Answer: Yes! Just send us your company logo and we will be happy to place your logo on your custom digital form.

Who will see my submitted forms?

Answer: Your custom form(s) will go directly to the email you provide to us. All information through ParadigmForum is private and secure. ParadigmForum does not sell nor provide any submitted information to any third parties.

Third-Party Content

Answer: ParadigmForum takes your information and submitted information personally and confidential. We do not allow nor sell any information to any third parties. All forms, emails, submissions, and any other business-related information are kept secure and confidential within the entity of ParadigmForum.

Do I have to keep up with updates?

Answer: No. All links and forms are updated by ParadigmForum. If you need edits throughout your membership, we are available to edit your form at no cost to you.

Who keeps up with maintenance and updates for my link?

Answer: Great news! You do not need to worry about updates. ParadigmForum is continually monitoring and updating your link(s) to make sure you receive the forms you need.

I have a website and want my forms to come from my website. Does ParadigmForum provide technical support and create forms on my personal website?

Answer: Yes, here at ParadigmForum we work under the enterprise umbrella of Paradigm Social Media. We are also, a marketing company that can assist you with web development, marketing, and a complete take over of your platforms. Please contact us for more information.

I do not see a question here that I have.

Answer: Click Here to go to our contact page.